Marc Ruskin

FBI Special Agent
It has been nearly 2 decades since I met Emilio Hambra at the US Embassy in Buenos Aires Argentina. At the time, Emilio was Director of Security for the Sephardi Jewish community of Argentina. This was a position of high responsibility, due in part to the then recent Terrorist attacks at the Israeli Embassy and Jewish Culture Center in Buenos Aires, perpetrated by the Hezbollah terrorist organization. As an FBI agent stationed in Buenos Aires, I interacted with Emilio in a professional capacity on a regular basis. I was impressed with his professionalism, integrity, and ability to function effectively in situations of extreme pressure. Emilio demonstrated an ability to effectively liaison with law-enforcement authorities from a multitude of countries, while simultaneously managing a security staff conducting domestic Argentine investigations directed at protecting a large and vulnerable population. He has always proved to be a reliable and highly efficient manager, whose skill-set is enhanced by state of the art familiarity with high-tech investigatory tools. As a former prosecutor, with nearly 3 decades experience as an FBI agent, both in the field and in management, domestically and internationally, I can enthusiastically recommend Emilio as a consummate professional.

Carlos Tomala

FBI Special Agent
I had the pleasure of meeting Emilio in 2015 while stationed in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Since then, Emilio has been a close partner, liaison, and friend. Emilio has an incredible understanding of security issues at the local, federal, and international levels, dealing with complex Terrorism and security matters in the Americas. Emilio has also consistently shown his high level of professionalism and dedication to security and international relations. His professionalism and skill set has provided him the opportunity to engage with high level international partners in Law Enforcement and various other Government sectors which has ultimately resulted in numerous positive actions ensuring the safety of various communities and citizens. Emilio is an outstanding individual, and words cannot explain how important his professional partnership and friendship has been throughout the years.

David Manriquez
FBI Special Agent
I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Emilio Hambra while working at the U.S. Embassy in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Our mutual working relationship consisted of collaboration on several fronts, which were all deemed successful and achieved significant results. I was particularly impressed by Mr. Hambra’s ability to handle bilateral projects with ease and within a specific timetable. His skills often take years to develop among professionals, but it seemed to come perfectly naturally in dealing with my goals and objectives in which I greatly benefited from his expertise. As a team member, leader and mentor, Mr. Emilio Hambra earns my highest recommendation. Resident Agency Specialist at U.S. Department of Justice – Greater Corpus Christi Area.

Paul Bingham
FBI Special Agent
Mr. Emilio Hambra has been an official contact for the Legal Attaché’s office and the FBI since approximately 1999. During my tenure as Legal attaché, Mr. Hambra has assisted with sensitive matters by providing valuable collaboration. I have found him to be trustworthy and supportive of matters of importance to the government of the United States. My predecessors have personally expressed to me their esteem for Mr. Hambra, and have commented on the contributions he made during their tenures as well. Salt Lake City, Utah. Cyber-crime Task Force, International Director of Operations/Legal Attaché, Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay; Regional Director of Operations/Supervisory Special Agent, Cyber Investigations / White Collar Crime Investigation.

Frank Oliva
FBI Special Agent
I collaborated with Emilio in the mid-2000s while working at the U.S. Embassy in Buenos Aires, Argentina, on behalf of the US Government; and always enjoyed the level of honesty and authenticity he employed in his business activities. St. Agustine, Florida. Retired FBI senior manager with 35+ years of experience in federal and state law enforcement, with extensive experience in leading complex national security, criminal, and global operations. Unit Chief, Deputy Legal Attaché, Florida Department of Law Enforcement Graphic Special Agent. Executive officer responsible for all FBI operational and liaison activities in Saudi Arabia and Kuwait. Led personnel and administration of investigative, training, and language support for regional offices. Developed collaborative relationships with host government and United States Embassy components to fulfill and enhance FBI priorities and U.S. foreign policy objectives.

Jonathan Weis

FBI Special Agent
I had the pleasure to work with Emilio. His discretion and professionalism are of the highest quality and he is a trusted and reliable partner. Assistant District Attorney Middlesex County NJ, District Attorney’s Office Cambridge, MA. FBI Special Agent 23 years, San Francisco Bay Area, California.


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